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Bamars of Burma

April 15, 2008

Like the previous post I’m including an ethnic group whose members living in Thailand are recentĀ refugees from the Burmese military. The Bamars are the majority ethnic group in Burma estimated at 68% of the population. They migrated to Burma from Yunnan in China and speak a Sino-Tibetan language. According to Wikipedia they arrived in Burma 1200-1500 years ago displacing or absorbing the existing Mon and Pyu groups.

Because of the repressive military regime in Burma Thailand now has the second biggest Burmese population in the world, almost all made up of refugees. The recent death of 54 refugees in a sealed cargo container being trucked to Phuket, (read the BBC story here), highlights the problem.

I have to admit my ignorance again as up until recently I had thought the Burmese were of a West Asian origin. Below is a picture of a Bamar girl from Wikipedia.

Ā Bamar Girl