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Dating Prehistoric Thailand

June 12, 2009

No, this is the wrong place if you are looking for an old wife;-) After a long break I’m posting again. An article on Alison in Cambodia’s blog got me going again.

Alison reports on the study at Ban Non Wat near Phimai by Charles and Thomas Higham and their attempts to pin down prehistoric dating for the region. Now we have some scientific base to work with. Below is a chart taken from them via Alison’s site.


This chart gets us up to the beginning of the Dvaravati period but of this and what came before so very little is any recorded history. There was no Venerable Bede in Southeast Asia.


Ban Chiang

July 1, 2008

Ban Chiang PotteryI visited the National Science Museum on Sunday and was impressed by the Ban Chiang Pottery. I hope they were not copies. The colours were superb. If you haven’t seen them they are a maroon design on buff background. These are from a bronze age community living in the northeast of Thailand in a period ranging from 2000 BC to 200 AD. I’m not sure where the pottery dates inside in this range.

I don’t think much is known about who the people of Ban Chiang were but we know both the Mons and the Khmers were around sometime in this range. Red does seem to be a popular colour with the Mons but I don’t think there is any indication of Ban Chiang being a Mon settlement.