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April 1, 2008

Driving through the central plains of Thailand this weekend took me through some of the towns associated with the ancient kingdom of Dvaravati. Wikipedia Dvaravati entry tells us we are looking at a kingdom or possibly a collection of city states dating from 6th. to the 11th. Centuries straddling the Chao Phraya river basin. It’s likely that the Gulf of Thailand’s shores were much farther north than they are today due to the gradual silting up of the river’s estuary.

Map of Dvaravati

Not much is known of the people but it is a good guess to say they were or were related to the Mons. The Mons had reached Chao Phraya river basin prior to the Christian era and no other large town settlements have been found from before this. The Dvaravati civilization was very much influenced by Indian culture and also the Buddhist religion.


Suvarnabhumi Airport

March 13, 2008

The King of Thailand chose Suvarnabhumi as the name of the new Bangkok airport to the east of the city.  This was an interesting choice. Suvarnabhumi or sometimes Suwannaphum refers to an ancient land, literally “Golden Land” or “Land of Gold”, mentioned in some ancient Indian chronicles.

Whether it was in Southern India or some part of SE Asia is open to question, but there is a possibility it was centered in what is now the Thai Cambodian border region. Where ever it was it must have pre dated the migration of the Tai peoples south into what is now Thailand and the rise of the Mon and Khmer kingdoms.