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Khmer Style Prang

March 25, 2008

I just found on the internet a picture of that prang I saw as per the previous post. Compare it with the Wat Arun picture.

Khmer Style Prang


The Size of the Khmer Empire

March 25, 2008

On Saturday we were driving to the southwest, just outside Bangkok and came upon a temple at the end of a road. Although most of the temple was fairly recent, there was an ancient prang or stupa very much in the Khmer style as you see at Wat Arun in Bangkok. Although it doesn’t mean it was built while under Khmer control it did make me look up how far their empire stretched. It made it as far south as the Kra Peninsula and west as far as the town of Lopburi so at one time this area would have been theirs.

Below is a picture of Wat Arun from Wikipedia showing the Khmer style prangs.

Wat Arun